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Who’s Who?

Head of House – Mr K Allman

Wilson Tutors

Year 7 - Mr D Tunthuwa

Year 8 - Miss M Cahill

Year 9 - Mrs D Jackson

Year 10 - Mr G Evans

Year 11 - Mrs N Stallard & Mr H Keane

Year 12 - Mr D Pilgrim

Year 13 - Ms I Blyskal / Mr S Cooke

Wilson House was one of the first four houses in the early days of the school. Wilson House is named after Bishop Roger Wilson who was Bishop of Chichester from 1958 to 1974. He was a brilliant classicist, a modest and unassuming man with an abiding interest in people.

What is Wilson House like?

We are a caring house with a real sense of family and friendship. There are rarely fallings out as we stick together and support each other.  Wilson means family and that means no one gets left behind. ‘Aureus est gentis’, latin for ‘family is golden’ is our House colour. Our house emblem is a sunflower and each year our Year 11’s present each other with sunflowers at their leavers’ assembly with a note attached as a leaving present.

The House charity that Wilson supports is the ‘Mombasa Children’. We have sent medical supplies, sponsored children to be able to attend school and bought equipment. The House has Skyped with the children in our House assembly. Our link is through the charity based in Rustington. We hope in the future to send Wilson House pupils to visit the school.

Wilson House 2021-2022

Wilson House 2022 1After two years of disruption, this year has been the first chance for Wilsonites to make the most of a full school year since 2019 – and it’s safe to say they’ve grasped the opportunity with both hands!

7 Wilson have definitely made the most of the wide range of activities in secondary school. 7 Wilson have helped with charitable events this year – starting with the return of the Christmas Fair, and raising money by growing sunflowers for the conflict in Ukraine - several members of the group also designed posters to raise awareness and put up around school. 7 Wilson were also heavily represented in the ensemble for the House drama; they seem to already be quite an artistic year group as many of the class were also involved in the Fruition evening, taking part in dance and music. It’s always great to see the youngest students getting so involved – and, most importantly, continuing our run of winning the laser tag competition on the long-awaited return to the Isle of Wight.

Much like their younger contemporaries, 8 Wilson were heavily represented in the House drama with many member of the class either having a speaking role or helping with the tech team. 8 Wilson also took part in (and won) several inter-house events; if there was a competition to decorate a door for World Book Day, or Christmas, or with a flag, it is usually 8 Wilson who end up winning! To make up for missing out on a trip to the Isle of Wight last year, 8 Wilson have also been out and about – for example on a day out at Forest School that involved several fires, some tree climbing, and only one mobile phone dropped in a puddle.

9 Wilson have maintained their reputation this year as the ‘sporty group’; as well as inter-house success, many members of the group have also represented the school in football and rugby and will be our future sports leaders. 9 Wilson also provided one of the stars of the show for the house drama with Evelina Rudasa as the Wicked Witch of the West. 9 Wilson have also welcomed new members of the form this year with generosity and support; I look forward to seeing how they develop as Year 10 and the dreaded GCSEs begin.

Wilson House 2022 2For 10 Wilson, most of this year has been spent with dealing with the reality of starting those GCSEs. Alongside the pressure of their workload, there have been many members of the group who have been involved in wider school activities such as sports leadership and peer mentoring. The return of work experience was incredibly successful with many of the tutor group actually being offered full time jobs in the future; having visited some of 10 Wilson myself on their placements, it was very pleasing indeed to hear what their employers had to say about them!

We also said goodbye to 11 Wilson, who were one of the lowest maintenance tutor groups that I can remember in my time as Head of House. Despite having had five different tutors over the course of five years, the group stuck together through their GCSE year, still got involved in wider school activities such as peer mentoring and supporting the house charity, and it was always a joy to see them in the morning. We wish all the best to those who leave for pastures new, and look forward to seeing some familiar faces when they come back in September!

Wilson’s Sixth Formers this year have also gone above and beyond, led by House Captain Tom Spencer. As well as the previously mentioned excellent production Wizard of Oz, directed by Grace Thompson and Conor Lucas-Day, Wilson Sixth Formers were also responsible for the planning and running of the Christmas Fair, as well as the charity event to grow sunflowers for Ukraine. The Sixth Formers were also involved in the Year 6 transition day and have served as mentors to students in younger year groups – it’s safe to say next year’s batch have got a lot to live up to!

We have continued to support our House charity, Friends of the Mombasa Children. As previously mentioned, the return of the Christmas Fair was an enormous success and raised over £1,000. Along with other small events over the course of the year, such as a ‘wear yellow’ day and a cake sale or two, by the end of the year we hope to have raised over £1,500. Next year we are also looking forward to a long-awaited (and long delayed!) visit from Norbert Ware, the headteacher of the Unity School in Kenya.

This year has been truly exhausting – lest we forget it has been the first full and uninterrupted school year for three years – but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It has been very pleasing as Head of House to see so many students getting involved in so many different opportunities, particularly with the younger year groups so eager to get involved. I look forward to more of the same next year!

Mr Keith Allman, Head of Wilson House