Worship Leaders

Students at Bishop Luffa School have the opportunity to train as Worship Leaders. They then lead Worship Sessions in local primary schools or at our Thursday evening Youth Service.

In addition there are also student worship leaders in each tutor group, who work alongside the tutor in leading and reviewing this central part of our school life.

The Faith and Community Committee of student leaders also seek to find further ways of developing the practical outworking of worship in our local community. Their recent work has included investigating our links with the local Chichester Food Bank and producing and distributing a community Easter card.

Some of our Worship Leaders go out to lead assemblies in local primary schools. They research and put together an assembly presentation in sync with the Christian calendar (i.e. Easter, Saints day, Remembrance Day etc). The challenge for the students is how to engage, inspire and put across a valuable story to Primary age children. The students create presentation slides, scripted plays, quizzes and work on various songs and how to teach them.

Various skill sets practised.

  • Teamwork
  • Research into key biblical dates, events and days celebrated.
  • Creating presentations for a specific audience.
  • Speaking and presenting in front of a whole school.
  • Adapting and improvising on the spot.
  • Finding ways to use stories from the bible and how it can impact and help us.
  • Teaching children a song and singing/guiding them throughout.
  • Creating dance pieces and performing.
  • Engaging and encouraging younger children.
  • Reflection and applying improvement.

The impact on the students

  • Growth in all the above areas
  • Increases self esteem
  • Confidence
  • Encouragement
  • Sense of achievement
  • Making new friends
  • Fun and uplifting!

This is a big step for many of the students which takes a lot of courage to step up in front of a whole school, then the ability to reflect and improve how they do things. We have seen a real increase in confidence and so many of the skill sets used to do this along with a real sense of unity and joy amongst the students. This is a fantastic opportunity.