Medicines at School

Prescription Medicines

Medicine should only be brought to school when it is essential to administer it during the school day. In the vast majority of cases, doses of medicine can be arranged around the school day thus avoiding the need for medicine in school. Antibiotics for example are usually taken three times a day, so can be given with breakfast, on getting home from school and then at bedtime.

Occasionally a GP may prescribe a medicine to be taken during the school day. Parents and carers may call into the school and administer medicine to their child, or they may request that a member of school staff administers the medicine. When school staff administer medicines, the parent or carer must supply the medicine in the original pharmacist’s container clearly labelled including details of possible side effects to the school office and must complete a ‘Bishop Luffa parental request for school to administer medicine’ form. On no account should a child come to school with medicine if he/she is unwell.

Additional Documentation

If your child has long-term or complex medical needs the school may require you to complete a Bishop Luffa Healthcare Plan.

Please use this link to access the full Managing Medicines in School Policy.