Reverend Andrew Doye

Reverend Andrew DoyeI was brought up in north-west Kent, and took a degree in Law following which I worked in my twenties as a Solicitor in the City of London. I then changed tack and was ordained in 1993, working since in parishes in South London, Surrey, Hertfordshire, and now at Westbourne - the furthest west of the parishes of Chichester Diocese. I have been a school governor in six different locations. I am married to Karen, and we live with our labrador-collie called Ziggy in a house ruled by our cat, Lace. I follow most sports with keen interest, and also enjoy historic houses, theatre and walking. I like to pit my wits in competitions and quizzes, but try to remain a good loser. I once won a trophy at Contract Bridge which had previously been won by Omar Sharif!

Type of Governor Foundation
Date appointed 28 November 2021
Term of Office 4 years
Roles Humanities (Business, Economics, Geography, History, Law & Sociology) Faculty Link
Attendance (Full Board of Directors) 3 of 7 
Committee Membership


Curriculum & Progress

Attendance (Committees) 5 of 8

Please note that the attendance information relates to the academic year 2020-2021 (1/9/2020 to 31/8/2021)