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Teacher in charge of Business Mrs C Smerdon-Corp
Teacher of Business Ms K Wells
Teacher of Politics, Economics & Business Rev M Luff

We offer students the opportunity to study GCSE Business in Years 10 and 11, and A'Level Business in Years 12 and 13. Further details about the A'Level course are available on the Sixth Form website.


Business is a fascinating and dynamic subject which teaches pupils the principles and theories behind business management and the practices behind running a successful business. The Business curriculum at Bishop Luffa is intended to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to become outstanding employees or indeed employers, and to allow students to reach their potential with an engaging curriculum. At Bishop Luffa we help to develop the range of thinking and learning skills necessary for examination success, but we go beyond that. We strive to create the innovators of the future, by providing every student with the opportunity to develop 21st Century employability skills to live life in all its fullness by developing real world, enterprising, and employability skills for tomorrow's leaders and to prepare our students for an ever changing and challenging business environment.

Both GCSE and A-Level courses focus on building logical arguments for achieving specific Business decisions, based on knowledge and evidence from case studies or live business situations. We provide an environment for all students to be entrepreneurial, independent learners, confident presenters and strong team players with a sound understanding of the world in which they live. Our lessons are designed to inspire and challenge our students to value diversity, be open-minded, develop teamwork skills, take risks and develop their financial awareness.

Business Learning Journey

This is a visual representation of how students' knowledge and skills develop through the Business curriculum.

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Business Learning Journey

Why study Business at GCSE?

Be the next Richard Branson, Alan Sugar or James Dyson…….
Do you fancy yourself at the head of a successful business? Have you got some great ideas for new products or services? Or maybe you want to work for a large company by working in marketing or management. No matter what your vision, Business can give you an incredibly powerful start to launch you on to your career.

  • Everyone ends up working in a business organisation of some kind, so it is important for you to understand how they operate to make future career choices.
  • The course covers useful life skills such as application for jobs, an understanding of ethical business and laws that all consumers need to know.
  • The course covers all aspects of Business and is good preparation for Business at A level and at University where there are many courses at different levels. For example, past Bishop Luffa students have gone on to study Event Management, Accountancy and Strategic Management.
  • The subject is taught using a variety of learning styles and activities, especially using computers for work and business research.

Outline of syllabus content - all aspects of Business are covered in the course:

  • Marketing and enterprise as well as creating business plans.
  • Business structure and different types of business including franchises and multinationals.
  • Human resources including recruitment, training, organisation and motivation.
  • Production using different methods and lean production.
  • Finance including an understanding of profit and loss, break even and sources of finance.
  • External factors that affect businesses such as the economy, laws, ethics and the environment.

GCSE Assessment

Paper 1 – Influences of Operational and Human Resource Management on business activity
Paper 2 – Influences of Marketing and Finance on business activity

GCSE Business exam specification information