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News from the Spanish Department - posted 14th May

GamesOur partner school from Spain, Nuryana School, paid us a visit at the beginning of May and we were extremely happy to host them and spend the whole day together.  We had 140 Spanish students and a lovely group of Spanish teachers. Our Year 8 enjoyed doing language activities with them but the highlight of the day was that they got to meet their pen pals in person.

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Bronze DoE Practice 2024

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition - posted 1st May

This year we have our biggest ever cohort working towards their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. Last weekend saw 36 Year 10 students embark on their Practice Expedition, walking from West Dean to Upwaltham. The weather was not particularly kind, with the worst winds and rain ever experienced on an expedition but this did not dampen their spirits in any way!

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Eid 2024

Eid Celebrations - posted 1st May

Tutor Time on Thursday 18th April with 9 Ridgeway included a special celebration as they hosted a party in the Bridge Club to celebrate Eid, led by Mr Godfray and Sahar Al Kadri (9Ridgeway). The party featured Eid music and Eid bunting, snacks, chocolates and balloons, as well as a short speech by Ghalia Tomeh(10Burrows) about the meaning of Ramadan and Eid.

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Collective Worship

Collective Worship - posted 28th March

“I am the way, the truth and the life” Jesus tells us in John 14:6a and this half term during our collective worship we have been on a journey towards Easter and the promise of new life that Jesus brings. We have been inspired by the Church of England’s Lent resources called ‘Watch and Pray’. Over the last six weeks we have been challenged and inspired to wait for what is to come this Easter. We have explored the themes of waiting and moving, waiting for the Holy Spirit, waiting for what is unseen, waiting for God’s help, waiting quietly, waiting for Easter and this week we have been journeying through Holy Week focusing on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

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History Eggs 2024 Headert

Some egg-scellent historians! - posted 27th March

In History Year 7 have been working on their annual 'egg-stravaganza' (!) of turning the humble egg into a historical tableau. With suitable motivation in the form of an Easter Egg prize for the winners, students have been creating historical characters and scenes using eggs as the focal point. Some egg-stremely (!) egg-sciting (!) scene were laid (!) on, ranging from Albert Eggstein through to an egg-based depiction of Charles II's flight after the Battle of Worcester, where he scrambled (!) to flee from Cromwell's forces. Some groups are working on this over Easter, but hopefully they won't poach (!) ideas from those already entered.

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