Subject: Drama
Syllabus Number: OCR J316
Teacher who leads the subject: Mrs N Furnell

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Why study Drama?

This exciting specification for GCSE Drama gives you the opportunity to

  • explore theatre from a range of perspectives by devising your own, original performance work with an accompanying portfolio
  • bring to life the work of a playwright by performing or designing for a published play
  • write as a as theatre reviewer, developing your own thoughts on what makes drama and theatre successful
  • write to analyse and evaluate design and acting in a set play

The practical nature of the lessons and assessments equip you with a range of personal skills such as team work, confidence, time management, independence and assertiveness alongside developing your creativity. The skills you develop through studying drama prepare you for jobs involving the need to work effectively with people and/or are required to think creatively.

Outline of syllabus content

Component 1: Devising Drama - 30% (Performance & Portfolio - NEA)
Students will create a devised performance in groups as either an actor or designer. They will be able to select a starting point from a range of stimuli provided by the exam board. Performances will vary depending on the size of the group. All performances will be supported by a portfolio which is evidence of the students’ devising process.

Component 2: Text Performance - 30% (Performance & Summary Concept Document - NEA)
Students will study a play text chosen by the centre as either an actor or designer. Students will take a part in two performances of two extracts from the text. Performance lengths will vary according to the size of the group. In this unit students can work individually, or in a group of up to 6. Students must present at least one performance as part of a group. Students will be required to produce an accompanying short written concept document.

Component 3: Performance Response - 40% (Written Exam)
The exam component will be assessed at the end of the qualification and will be 1 hour and 30 minutes in length. Students will have to complete two compulsory sections.
Section A 50 marks Students will be asked about preparing and performing a text. They will draw on the experience of studying a whole text during the course from a list set by the exam board. The questions will focus on the process of creating and developing a performance, working as a director, performer and designer, as well as the performance of a character from the text.
Section B 30 marks This section asks the students to review a performance they have seen on their course. They will be primarily assessed on their ability to analyse and evaluate, but will also be marked on their accurate use of subject specific terminology.


All assessment is linear, with written exams taking place at the end of the course.

  • The written Exam is worth 40% of the GCSE and is 1½ hours
  • The non-exam assessment takes place over the two years and is assessed internally and by an external examiner depending on the component. The non-exam components are worth 60%, 30% for each component.

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