Subject: PE GCSE
Syllabus Number: AQA 8582
Teacher who leads the subject: Mr T Godfray, Mrs R Topley and Miss E Unitt

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Why study PE GCSE?

GCSE PE is an established course that offers routes to further education, such as A-levels, higher education in PE as well as other related career opportunities. There are also strong transferable links between PE and other similar subjects such as social science qualifications and Biology.

During this course you will be able to make use of your practical ability as 40% of the course is assessed based around your performance in three different sports. The course also involves studying for two separate exams known as “The human body and movement in physical activity and sport” and “Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport’’. This aspect of the course encourages you to make links between different muscles, bones and complete performance analysis of various movements and consider and discuss socio-cultural influences and basic sports psychology theories as well as interpreting and analysing data.

Outline of syllabus content

Each week you will be taught two theory lessons which will help develop your knowledge of the human body and socio-cultural influences. During these lessons you will learn about how the body moves and how to analyse and describe this movement. You will be encouraged to contrast and compare yourself with elite performers in sport in term of training methods and fitness components. During this section of the course you will cover some basic sports psychology (how we learn) and socio-cultural influences. These lessons will be taught in a practical manner whenever possible.

You will also be taught one lesson each week of practical and theory linked work. The practical side of the course involves you performing and being assessed in three different activities in sport (one individual sport, one team sport and one more of either type). You will be responsible for participating in sport outside of school and will use practical lessons to compile practical evidence of your level of performance. Due to the limited practical lesson time available in the curriculum time you should be participating in sport outside of school and should have a genuine all round ability in sporting activities. The practical weighting of the course is 40% including ‘an analysis of performance’ piece of coursework.

In each of your chosen activities you will be assessed upon your basic skills in isolation and also your ability to influence performance in the full recognised version of your activity.


Practical assessment: three different activities (One team game, one individual sport and one more of either type). Externally moderated 30% Final mark.

Controlled Assessment Coursework: Performance Analysis (project work) 10% Final mark.

Two Examinations: two 1hour 15 minutes ‘’The human body and movement in physical activity and sport’’ and “Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport’’ 60% Final mark.

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